We hope to achieve the following goals with the CI Users World Map:

  1. Showing how common hearing loss is in the modern world.
  2. Promoting hearing health.
  3. Helping cochlear implant users everywhere in the world to break geographical barriers and share the challenges they face, their experiences and successes.
  4. Making hearing rehabilitation through cochlear implant technology known and promoted by the largest number of people.

The joy of hearing once again thanks to a cochlear implant makes us wish to make our aural and personal dreams come true. CI Users World Map will help you to:

  • Contacting other people with implants who may have the answers to your questions.
  • Knowing new people who have life experiences similar to yours.
  • Finding cochlear implant users when you are abroad (for making friends, improving your proficiency, asking for cool things to do, going out, having coffee, asking to borrow a piece of CI equipment…). Perhaps you may even wish to spend some time abroad and then have your friend spend some time in your country!
  • Finding and getting to know other CI users in your city, state, or country!