Paula Pfeifer and Luciano Moreira are married. She has been a CI user for 3 years; he has been an ear surgeon for 15. They met after Paula published her first book, Crônicas da Surdez [The Hearing Loss Chronicles] in 2013. United by the cochlear implant, today they work together at the SONORA clinic in Rio de Janeiro, developing projects for the promotion of hearing loss rehabilitation.


Paula Pfeifer uses cochlear implants on both ears. She’s a writer as well as a speaker. She has published the books Crônicas da Surdez (Plexus) and Novas Crônicas da Surdez [New Chronicles of Deafness: my cochlear implant epiphanies] (Plexus). She authors the website Crônicas da Surdez [The Hearing Loss Chronicles] since 2010 and has been featured on magazines Vogue Brazil, Vogue Portugal, Marie Claire, Sentidos, Máxima, TAM nas Nuvens, and Viajar pelo Mundo.


Luciano Moreira is an otorhinolaryngologist specialising in hearing loss. He authors the website Portal Otorrino [in Portuguese] and runs SONORA clinic in Copacabana, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.